Horse Riding at Chartwell Stables

For serious riders and those who just want to have fun!

Horse riding at Chartwell Stables is fun!

We hold regular training shows, pony camps, fun days and gymkhanas.

We have a selection of beautiful ponies that are also available for tripling (also known as baiting or leasing). Click to meet our ponies.

Facilities at Chartwell Stables

  • 20×40 Dressage Arena
  • 20×60 Dressage Arena
  • Sand Jumping Arena
  • Cross Country Course
  • 45 Stables
  • Paddocks and Individual Paddocks

Price List

  • Monthly lesson package (1 lesson per week) – R1 250/month
  • Double non-competitive lesson package (2 lessons per week) – R2 150/month
  • Double competitive lesson package (2 lessons per week plus SANESA show use) – R2 375/month
  • Triple non-competitive lesson package (3 lessons per week) – R3 450/month
  • Triple competitive lesson package (3 lessons per week plus SANESA show use) – R3 700/month
  • Family lesson package (2 family members x 1 lesson per week) – R2 250/month R1 100/month per additional family member
  • Horse livery – R5 100/month 
  • Pony livery – R4 900/month
  • Daily livery – R165/day
  • Pony ride – R100
  • Casual (once-off) lesson – R350

Valid until December 2021.

  • Prices include VAT.
  • All fees are payable in advance.
  • Livery fees exclude vet, horse first aid, shoeing, supplements and other extra expenses.
  • Shoeing is charged at a rate determined by the farrier.
  • Invoices are sent out during the last week of the previous month, kindly ensure we have your correct email address.
  • If you require a statement, kindly request on by email.
  • We do have credit card facilities.

Horse Riding Lessons

Teaching Programme

Our instructors are all fully qualified and specialise in teaching children to ride. Children normally start off having half hour private lessons on the lunge. Once they can walk, trot, canter and jump a small jump and are confident, they join a group lesson for an hour. Usually children start off with one lesson a week, and lessons are split between lessons in the arena and out rides. If your child would like to progress faster, we recommend two or three lessons per week. Once your child has gained enough confidence and would like to start competing, the next step is to either Chartwell triple a riding school pony or buy your own which we will be happy to assist you with.

Adult Lessons

We do offer horse riding lessons for adults. Adult riding lessons are held on weekday mornings. No previous experience necessary!

Doubling, Tripling & Liveries


Chartwell Tripling

We offer Chartwell tripling, which means the children have all the benefits of owning a pony but without all the added fees. When you Chartwell triple a pony, you get to ride that same pony 3 days a week as well as getting to take the pony to shows.

Chartwell Doubling

This is similar to Tripling except you ride twice a week instead of three times and competitive Doublers may only compete at Inter-school shows and not all the outside shows. This is a good first step towards owning your own horse/pony as you can start out Doubling, move on to Tripling and then look at getting your own.


When you get to a point where you would like to own your own pony we can assist you in finding the correct one and can stable it for you.

Click to meet our ponies.

Stables Activities & Services

Fun Days

Chartwell Stables have fun days that are held in the holidays, children get to ride twice a day and in between riding they learn stable management and do crafts, swimming and games.

Training Shows

Training shows are held every six weeks. Everyone in the riding school has a chance to have fun and participate.

Pony Camps

We hold regular pony camps during holidays. Our pony camps have proven invaluable to our children. They don’t just learn how to ride, but they are taught how to care for their pony, look after tack and are taught theory.

Seasonal Activities

When your children ride at Chartwell Stables they get the opportunity to partake in extra activities on horseback:

  • Easter Egg Hunts
  • Christmas Carols
  • Trick or Treating on Halloween

SANESA Inter-schools

Many of our children represent their schools in the Interschool competitions. For more information click here.

Show Preparation

Would you like to take your riding to the next level? At Chartwell Stables we help you enter the world of horse shows.  From finding the right pony to competing at all levels and disciplines we are there to help.

Breakfast Rides

Breakfast rides are open to the whole family and include a two hour ride in the country followed by a delicious breakfast in the garden. Minimum 8 pax.

Ladies’ Hacks

Our ladies’ hacks are great for getting together with the girls and enjoying the outdoors. We take you on a gentle outride and on return tea & biscuits are served. No previous riding experience is necessary. Minimum 8 pax.

Corporate Team Building

We also off corporate team building outrides. No previous horse riding experience is needed. Minimum 8 pax.

Horse & Carriage

Horse and carriage service for special occasions.

Since 1997, at all venues on “The Wedding Route“. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to adding both Style and tradition to your wedding.

Find out more.

Horses for Film

We have a variety of well schooled horses and ponies available for film work.

To find out more, contact us.

Chat to us

Feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit.